Balloon SinuplastyTM is a catheter-based sinus surgery developed to dilate natural sinus openings using technology that allows for more comfort and faster recovery times. The linings of the sinuses are preserved while the natural drainage pathways are gently remodeled with inflatable balloons. The openings are rendered larger, allowing the sinuses to keep functioning even in the setting of nasal swelling (e.g., allergies).

It is indicated for patients with chronic sinusitis (i.e., sinus symptoms >2 months duration) or recurrent acute sinusitis (recurrent, multiple episodes of acute infections). In most instances, this procedure can be performed in the office. Advantages include quicker recovery, less bleeding, and less scarring. Most patients return to their normal daily routine within 1-2 days.

This procedure has been shown to have similar effectiveness to the more invasive traditional sinus surgery approach called functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Instead of removing the tissue around the natural sinus opening as is done in the traditional approach, the sinus opening is gently remodeled into a larger opening without the need for tissue removal.

Balloon Sinuplasty Austin

These are the steps of balloon sinuplasty. Once the nasal tissues are fully anesthetized, the catheter is guided toward the sinus opening (1). A wire is then passed through the catheter into the sinus opening (2). The balloon is then advanced over the wire and straddles the sinus opening. The balloon is inflated, gently outfracturing the sinus opening so that the bones will heal in this more open position (3). The sinus contents can then be washed out and suctioned (4).

Here is a video highlighting the procedure: