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Adult Hearing Evaluation


An adult hearing evaluation involves a thorough assessment of hearing in a soundproof room. The audiologist will use either foam inserts or supra-aural headphones to test each ear individually. A headband consisting of a bone vibrator will also be used during the evaluation. The tones presented vary in frequency (pitch) and intensity (volume). The range of frequencies tested includes 250-8,000 Hz, which is the frequency range most important for hearing everyday sounds and speech. You will be instructed to respond each time you hear a tone. Static noise may be presented in the background of one ear in order to isolate the opposite ear for accurate measurements.

This hearing evaluation includes a speech audiometry test. For this portion you will be asked to listen to and repeat a series of familiar words which will be presented at progressively softer levels. This will help determine your speech threshold. Additionally, words will be presented at a comfortable or conversational level to determine your speech recognition score (how well you are able to understand speech at a volume that is either equivalent to the level of conversational speech or is most appropriate for your needs).

Following completion of the hearing evaluation, your results will be discussed with you. The audiologist will review your audiogram, which is a graphical representation of your hearing, and answer any questions you may have. Based on your results, the audiologist may also recommend hearing aids and/or hearing protection.