Steven Trey Fyfe

Steven Trey Fyfe was born in Amarillo, Texas. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with honors. He went on to obtain his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine. During medical school, he was interested in both cardiothoracic surgery and otolaryngology. After deciding upon otolaryngology, he went on to UCLA for his residency. He has been practicing in Austin ever since completing his residency. Dr. Fyfe practices all aspects of ENT. He is particularly known in the community for thyroid and parathyroid surgery. He has been consistently voted a top doctor in both Austin and Texas.

On a personal note, Dr. Fyfe is a lifelong tennis player. You can usually find him on a tennis court and, if not, there is a good chance he is relaxing on his ranch. He is married to Cary and they have two sons.

Robert Nason

Robert Nason was born in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. He and his parents were resettled in Houston, Texas when he was 3 years old. He grew up in Houston and mostly in Fort Worth, Texas. He attended Rice University, graduating Magna cum Laude. He went on to obtain his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He discovered his passion for otolaryngology in his 3rd year of medical school and went on to his residency at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. He spent 5 clinical years learning ENT and another 3 years of full-time NIH-funded bench research at the university. This experience fortified his desire to be a pure clinician as he went on to pursue a pediatric ENT fellowship at the University of California – San Diego. He came to Austin after the fellowship and has been practicing ever since. He is happy to be working with Dr. Fyfe who serves a friend and mentor. Dr. Nason is one of only 6 fellowship trained pediatric ENT’s in Austin and is proud to use his knowledge to serve both the adult and pediatric populations.

On a personal note, he is married to Diane and they have a son, Max and a daughter, Natalia. He likes to spend his free time exercising. He also grew up playing tennis, but has developed a passion for ultimate Frisbee.